June 14, 2009

during lunch hour...

there's too many thing happen this few month in my life..started with my lil sister registration for her foundation programme in uia(there's something big happen during that time,i'll story later), my balik kampung experience (last 2 weeks), my frens wed, and many more..actually i forgot some of them...seems like time running a lil bit faster for me and since the 2nd semester are going to start, i have to prepare my new routine because this becoming semester quite different not like before..my life would change 40-50 percent becoz of new environment that i still dont know how to adapt yet..i'll try, i'll struggle and pray for it..hope it will be fine anyway..

hurmm..since my birthday is aroud the corner,i feel sad becoz im getting old, and i still thinking what had i achieve till now..ermmm..sigh~~